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Anxiety: Life Just Never Goes Your Way. Nothing Works?

Most of us will suffer from anxiety at one point in our lives. What is it? Again, it’s an emotional state. We want a certain outcome but things always feel as though it’s working against you. The more we think of what’s going on around us, the scarier the place feels. People go through this because they feel helpless. If you were certain that you could change things for the better, you wouldn’t feel this way. I’m stressed. I just can’t. Thinking makes your body numb. You get tired quick and you don’t want to do anything.

The more rest you get the more you feel like you getting nowhere. Locked in your room with nowhere to go, you finally decide to leave your house only to be faced by short-term happiness and back to the same old feelings. The world outside starts to stare you down. Everyone and everything pisses you off and leaves you with no chance to fight. Even if you fought it, the next phase is guaranteed to be so overwhelming that it’s not even worth fighting for. How do I know this? I’ve been there. Now, this is no turnaround story, although I did, this is to reach out a helping hand to all those suffering with it to help guide you out of it and on your way to a healthier mindset.

Here let me explain. First, the reality is, what you are going through is all a mindset. Your focus is on all the fears that haunt you in every moment. Yes, your life is hard and sucks at the given moment. That’s true however it’s important to know, just like a boxer who gets knocked down, it doesn’t mean he’s out of the fight. The game is not over. Matter of fact, it’s only the first round. You can change it. So before we talk about that, I want to explain more about what’s going on. Your thinking is off. Anxiety comes from not believing you have what it takes to win. When you feel as thou terrible things will happen to you but you won’t be able to overcome them, anxiety kicks in.

Your breathing starts to change. All you focus on is the thoughts of being wrong or getting hurt and even set back in life. Well, as you may or may not know, the human mind is designed to “just get by”. It’s also designed to scan what’s going on around you and live according to what it perceives to be true. If you look at your finances and all you see is the loss of money and the fact that your family will be kicked out and on the street, your going to start to trigger negative mental emotions called stress and anxiety. The reality is yes that can happen. It’s not easy to deal with that. It’s hard but the reality is, you have options. The old way of thinking isn’t working. Focusing on all the damaging thoughts will get you nowhere. The first step is identifying this and promising yourself that you will put up the mental fight to overcome this tragedy from happening. So we get the first step, the thought of the tragedy appears in our mind. We first identify it, and then we recall the promise we made to ourselves to not let that thought brew like yeast inside our minds. The reality is that shit will grow like cancer in your mind and you don’t want to have any of it. So what do we do next? Breath.

We need to take deep breaths and start to switch those negative thoughts with positive plans. Yes, a game plan. Say for instance you are struggling to pay your bills. Logical thinking would be to start looking for another job and count the number of days you have until it’s too late. Most of the times, we tend to over think the worst will happen to us and we throw in the towel without even reasoning with the current situation. Cut bills. Get rid of your cell phones, no more cable. Get a smaller car. Bike to work. Take the bus. All that shit is temporary. Your bottoming and working your way back up. Anxiety sufferers tend to believe it’s all over no matter what. In most cases, that’s not even true at all. It’s your mind playing that trick on you. Always remember, worst case scenario, you can always live with a family member or friend until you get on your feet and on your own. Here’s another thought. And I get very mad at people for not doing this. Save money. Money buys you time.

So many of you just piss your money away as quickly as you get it and never stop to think about the rainy day until it happens. If you want to get out of where you’re at, here’s a reality for you, start educating yourself on new skills. What skill do you lack that of you got it, would make your life better. So write that down, next step, acquire new skills. Here are a few that can help:1. The skill of waking up to positivity2. Being in control of your mindset3. A money making a skill that people are willing to pay you for. Coaching, carpentry, stock trading, sales, customer service, labourer. Something. Regardless of the skills, you acquire, get your ass going on acquiring them. Start to open your mind to push to make connections.

We all are connected to our spiritual creator. God wants us to win. He really wants us to find out who we are and go after it. Typically, people who suffer from anxiety are going through it because they aren’t following their path on earth. Regardless of what you think, if you were happy doing what you were doing, you wouldn’t be suffering from anxiety. So. What’s next? You need to start thinking and doing more of the things you love. These days, having fun doesn’t need to cost a big price tag. Get on YouTube, listen to some motivational speakers, get inside your mind and start conditioning it for success. After you do that, get your ass out of your house and demand to be happy. Start treating others kinder. Think about others and then you will start to also feel good about yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Although it’s ok for me to feel sorry for you, it’s not ok to feel sorry for yourself. No, or really cares what you’re going through but you. I get it your friends and family care but at the end of the day, they have their own life to live. You’re not alone, but you have to start making progress and change so that you can uplift others who suffer from what you did. Believe me, I was there and it sucks. I went from that to having a very successful business and family that loves and cares for me. I now teach, coach and train people all over the world how to win their mind back and start to see advancement in their lives. You got knocked down.

So what, your heart is still ticking and our blood is still pumping. Ding ding ding, round two and it’s time to tear this life up from yours for the best and demand you win! Go! Grow that mental strength and build that mind to nothing but positivity. No one can stop you and when they try, don’t let them get in your mind. Throw the thoughts away and look at them from afar and pour souls in the wind. Surround yourself with people who care for the better and you to will be on your way to winning.

I believe you will do it and I demand you choose to follow this post over and over again until you win!! Reach out to me, please. Yes, I do care!

God bless you, my brother and sister! Life is amazing and God is all loving!

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