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Predict The Future Actions Of People, Yes Even Your Kids.

I typically know what people will do before they do it. Having this in my arsenal really helps me decide on what I will say or do. Most people are predictable. Think about this. A random girl, you go up to her, you reach over to give her a kiss on the lips, what will she do? Most people will say “Slap you” other will say call her boyfriend over to kick your ass. Others will say, nothing, she will enjoy it because I’m a handsome man. Here’s what I say. Shit, she can do any of the above and perhaps other shit that’s bad or good that I just don’t know yet. Well, how do I find out the different things she might do? Research. Find out what people will do in different scenarios by observing how people react to certain situations. By nature, I’m an observer. I’m intrigued …

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Concerned About Where Life Is Headed?

Being concerned does not mean I’m afraid. God, life is moving so fast and interest rates are dropping but home prices are rising and everyone wants to have everything. All that plus they want it now. Not tomorrow. Now. The world is changing ever so rapidly and we have to fight to adapt. Social media is in today but will it be tomorrow? Social media via virtual reality and cleaner energy Social media is in today but will it be tomorrow? Social media via virtual reality and clean energy are the next big things that I’m betting my future on. 3D printing or on demand ordering is the way the future is headed. Self-driving cars will be here very shortly which will open the door to further tracking the way we travel. Corporations want your data. They want to know what you do when you do it, why you do …

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Life is up to you: Read this now

On paper, the title of this post sounds touch√©. If life were up to me, why would I get what I want? Oh, let’s open this topic now, I’m pumped. The saying isn’t you get what you want in life because you think it. The saying goes “life is up to you”. What do you want from life? What do you want to become? What do you want to master? Podcasting? Next YouTube Star? Play a professional sport? Be the smartest in your class? What is it you want? Lots of people don’t even use enough brain power to figure out what they want from life. Do not mistake what you want from life with what you want to create in life. Here’s the explanation. My life. It’s pretty simple. I want to be very healthy, be toned and fit. I also want to have a really big house, 5000 …

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Strengthen Your Mind

You can’t expect your mind to be strong when all the fuck you put in it is negativity. Really. You think how much you hate your life, the people around you and your job. On top of all that you hate your physic and can’t stand your financial status. Well, how on earth do you expect to get that mind thinking like the wealthy. Look I’m no bullshit kind of guy. My strength is my grind. My strength is not saying shit to sound good so that others can say that sounds cool. I speak from the heart. I get angry at myself when I screw up. I shake my mind up by reminding myself no matter what the circumstance is, I am a fucking winner. Shit, I’m down $45,000+ I. The stock market and somehow u tell myself I’m the best fucking trader there is! Most people when they …

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Life Is So Random

Life is so random. I get it you are searching the Internet for how to become successful or how to be motivated every single day so you can win. The reality is, life is so random you are going to have to learn how to control your everyday events. Life’s going to knock you down but what is it you do when you are down? What ? Are you going to stay down? What is a knock down? Well, as an entrepreneur we have goals. We have things we want in life. We also have reasons why we want those things. The issue comes when you wake up or go through a day and your mind wakes you the fuck yo and says !!! Holy shit Paul, you aren’t where to want to be ! Seriously. Think about it. You go in for that job interview and you wait for …

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