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Battle The Resistance That’s Holding You Back

We all face this daily. You know what you have to do but somehow or somewhat, something is stopping you. Some mental thought is holding you back from “just fucking doing it” what is that? Why does it exist? Well, let’s not jump too far ahead before I explain what’s going on. You have a controlling force within that is pre-installed to protect you. Your mind wants to keep your body alive. Your brain, if not on drugs, wants you to thrive. Believe it or not, it wants you to live to see another day.

Human nature’s laws state this. And if it’s not out there in a book somewhere well I just did! I know this to be true because, in my personal life, I have found this to be true. Logical thinking would also say this to be true. So now what? Well, we know our body wants us to stay alive but why does it hold us back from things that we know will make us happier. Wait for what? Yes, read that again. Stop us from things that will make us happier? What is the definition of happiness to you? Having a bunch of money and partying with it? Being able to have a healthy body and walk on the beach? What is the definition of happiness?

You see, we all know what we want as the outcome but subconsciously we don’t know the exact precise details of what the small battles and details will look like. We have a general idea but we do not know the exact confirmed details. So how do we make a change? Work. Work ethic. In order to change, first, your going to have to spend some time thinking about

1. What it will mean to have your desired outcome
2. Gather as detailed as possible an idea of the challenge you will
be faced by
3. Be 110% determined to fight the battle to achieve that desired outcome.

This type of thinking isn’t easy for most. It requires a tonne of focus and discipline. I get it, we all live different lives and have different things and people that hold us back from making “achieving our goals” easier. This is true. For some, it’s easier to achieve success than others. Distractions, how many do you have? Me? I have a ton. I work from home running 4 businesses, my wife doesn’t work but takes care of the kids, my kids are homeschooled and I do happen to care about all of their emotions 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Yup. That’s been my life the last 10 years. Challenge? You better believe it is. Just because it’s challenging and you don’t get instant results, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You have to be willing to follow through with your plan because you have a clear vision of the outcome. The result you are attempting to attain.

You don’t have to know exactly how to battle the challenges that will come in advance, that, believe me, you will somehow find a way if you are absolutely determined to. That’s the easy part. The hard part is1. Believing in the process 2. Executing the plan consistently. 3. Cutting out the distractionsI’m certain you will not do everything perfectly. I know you will make a tonne of mistakes. I’m certain you may loose people in or from your life. At the end of the day, if you want what’s on your mind bad enough, your going to have to figure out how to fight the battle of resistance that will try to control your actions. Your mind will come up with what appears to be “logical” explanations as to why you shouldn’t “do it”.


That trick tactic that your mind will play is really a kind gesture to protect you. Your mind is trying to protect you from what “may” come out of not knowing. Over time, we learned that everything beyond regular good has come from pushing your mental endurance to a level beyond the “herd mentality” of thinking. You know you are supposed to go to the gym and pump hard not light. Your mind says, no wait, why to go hard that will cause physical pain. Go light and do it longer and more often. The reality is, we may not be so consistent in the gym so that thought is not real. Ask yourself, if you were to push hard at the gym today, would that negatively affect your body in any way? No ! Of corse not. But it would require your mental capacity to be turned up meaning your brain would have to work extra hard. If this is the case, your brain needs work. Your brain has not been trained to push hard enough.

Time to elevate that mind and make bigger thinking the norm. That’s what I’m here for. Read this article over and overs, share it with a friend and don’t forget for the LOVE of God to actually take a second to comment below. Why? Because I actually do care !!!

Let’s go it’s show time baby !!! Rock on!

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  1. I strongly agree. You have to push yourself out of the comfort zone to succeed in life. “I dont have time”, “I dont have money”… Those are the excuses you make for yourself for not doing anything for success. You dont have time time? That means you dont have time to be rich, you like being poor.

    Thanks again from this post! It gave a ton of energy to my day.

    • Niko thanks for that comment man thats awesome to see you engage. Every day I push myself out of my comfort zone only to realize after a short period of time Im now comfortable in that zone. It takes me long to realize, i now got comfortable in that zone and its time to jump into another 🙂

      Example, one thing that I have got comfortable with is online work. What I need to do next is build a solid telemarketing team and hound phones. It took me long to learn that crazy as it is… Enjoy your day brother and I hope our paths meet one day as im sure it will..

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