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Be The Best Salesperson By Saving Your Client’s Time

Time is our new currency. In 2017 it’s inevitable that we all want to do things on our time. How many times have you sent a phone call the voicemail because you didn’t want to answer that call at the moment? Time. I think it’s a phenomenal thing. God put us on earth to follow our purpose and not be interrupted every 10 seconds. People want your time. Why? They fight for your time to fulfil a need. People are needy. They want to learn, they want to feel good, they want to buy from you… something. People need your time. So how do we win?

My answer has been automation. I trade time every day for progress. My goal has always to build a big business. It wasn’t until recent that I realised that I want a big efficient business. Some people love spending time just talking to others regardless of the outcome. I was that guy. There is nothing wrong with that if it aligns with your goals. Now that I’m well known in my industry, and online, the demand for my time is at it’s all time high. As grateful as I am for that, I’ve learned that I have to manage where my time goes. For me, it’s 15+ hour works days, 7 days a week. Yes, that’s 7 days a week. On the 7th, I now kick back a few hours and spend that time with my family. Breaks? I spend 30 min to 1 hour with friends and family. Why? How? Simple. I bought time. Yes ! Buying time is real.

When you implement automation and spend less time working on things you would normally have, you now have time. Depending on your life goals, you may want to spend that extra time building more of your business. Personally, I have so much growth left in this tank that the extra time is dedicated to trying new things. I do spend a lot of time investing in education.

Think big. God, the last thing you need is to spend 5 years of your life building something that has very little upside. This part is tricky. It’s not a perfect science but think about it. What is it you are working on? Ask around. Don’t take what others say as your judgment on what you should do but take it as feedback and make an educated decision on what you feel makes sense. The world will feed you with more than you can imagine due to technology under one condition.

You buy people time! Save people time and you got yourself all the riches your hands can gather. Be creative. Drink a coffee and shit, grow bigger than Facebook. It ain’t impossible and stop lying to yourself telling yourself it is. Doubt kills and when you learn to control self-doubt, the worst thing that happens is you fall into above average to average results. Push forward and learn from your mistakes. Make it happen. That simple. Go !

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