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Make Every Day Count And Here’s Exactly How!

Think back to something you wanted so bad in life. Was it a partner? Was it an animal? Was it a toy? What was it? What did you want so bad in your life that you absolutely had to have? You see, I’m a strong believer in the thinking that e past leaves clues for future events. Let me explain. Without even knowing, the world around you keeps turning. It keeps moving. People continue to wake up, go to sleep, some choose to invent and others choose to do bad things. Regardless of what you do, the world keeps turning. A while back, I had a dream about what my life would look like in 10 years. I saw something, everyone wanted. Healthy body, beautiful wife, amazing kids, loving relationships and finances in place. Everything anyone can ask for. Most of us, at some point in our life, will have …

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Anxiety: Life Just Never Goes Your Way. Nothing Works?

Most of us will suffer from anxiety at one point in our lives. What is it? Again, it’s an emotional state. We want a certain outcome but things always feel as though it’s working against you. The more we think of what’s going on around us, the scarier the place feels. People go through this because they feel helpless. If you were certain that you could change things for the better, you wouldn’t feel this way. I’m stressed. I just can’t. Thinking makes your body numb. You get tired quick and you don’t want to do anything. The more rest you get the more you feel like you getting nowhere. Locked in your room with nowhere to go, you finally decide to leave your house only to be faced by short-term happiness and back to the same old feelings. The world outside starts to stare you down. Everyone and everything …

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Getting Help From Others. A Good Or Bad Thing?

Nowadays we have the ability to get answers to our questions on demand. Getting questions answered is the first step in our arsenal to success. If we are stuck, it normally means one of two things. 1. We are too lazy to seek the answer. 2. We found the answer but we just aren’t willing to go full force at implementing the solution. Ask yourself, is this you? It is very important that we acquire new skills every single day. We all get stuck in our lives and business when we are trying to advance. The question is, do you have the answers and consciously know what you need to do, in order to advance. Asking Google seems to be the norm. You have a question, Google will connect you to the people who can possibly answer your question. Let’s take me for example. At some point, you were researching …

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Nobody Knows Your Dream But You!

So many people, including myself in the past always look to others for confirmation about what they are building. Fuck that. No one but you knows the reality of your dream. If you love it so much that you would do it even if you would get paid to do it, then go after your Dream and find a way to make money and to make you happy.As we speak I’m on the treadmill getting my health back into gear. As I now have built many successful businesses generating over six figures on autopilot I now see what I was lacking all this time. Trust ! I always knew that anything I touch turns to gold but like everyone, when you don’t have it, the vision gets foggy. You know people will but what you have to offer, but at the moment, they aren’t buying. That’s a sign. A sign …

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Do You Love Your Life At Home?

This is more of a workshop question article.When you think of going home does it make you happy? 1. Yes or No 2. If yes why? List all the reasons why you absolutely love going to your home. 3. Are there times where you hate going home? If so list why? 4. Do you always hate going home? If so please explain why? 5. Do you believe there are solutions to having a more happier home? After all, they do say home is where the heart is. Be honest. 6. What impact on your life would it mean to have an extremely happy home to come home to? 7. What personal changes can we make to ourselves in order to have a happier life at home? 8. What physical changes around the house, do we make in order to have a happier life? 9. What do you love about your …

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