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Battle The Resistance That’s Holding You Back

We all face this daily. You know what you have to do but somehow or somewhat, something is stopping you. Some mental thought is holding you back from “just fucking doing it” what is that? Why does it exist? Well, let’s not jump too far ahead before I explain what’s going on. You have a controlling force within that is pre-installed to protect you. Your mind wants to keep your body alive. Your brain, if not on drugs, wants you to thrive. Believe it or not, it wants you to live to see another day. Human nature’s laws state this. And if it’s not out there in a book somewhere well I just did! I know this to be true because, in my personal life, I have found this to be true. Logical thinking would also say this to be true. So now what? Well, we know our body wants …

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Learn To Recharge Your Brain And Energy

This post comes to you from a current state I’m in. Exhausted. My back is up against the wall and I’m going to 6 hours or less sleep in 2 days. I have a tonne of work and people who need me. What do I do? Simple. Push through. But how? See right now I. Read to maximise my energy but I also need to conserve it. Do you ever have this problem? If not, it may be a sign that your not busy enough and you need to start creating and building g your calling. So what do you do? First, I identify that on top of all this, I have a cold. So my body is weaker than it typically is. What’s important is I stay focused on the goal which is to get through the day in the best way possible so that when night time comes …

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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately to find out more about who I really am. The more I dig, the more I discover. Lately, I discovered a few things about myself that might help you in searching for who you really are.I’m a winner. At least I like to believe I am. My definition of winning is making things work until it works. Let me explain. First off, the thought of losing really doesn’t sit well in my stomach. Some people, believe it or not, are content with losing. The thought of failure or failing at something just doesn’t digest in my system right. In the past, I used to believe that there was no such thing as failure and if I failed, I would keep pushing harder to find a way to win. Let’s take something so simple as playing NHL on PlayStation. Yes, if I lost …

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Writing What’s On My Mind Is My Therapy And It Might Be Yours Too!

Write at night and your future will be bright. God! This thought entered my head one night out of nowhere. It was a powerful message that hit me and said “Paul, you have to do this and it will unlock so much” so what did I do? Put it aside. Yup, like lots of other things, I didn’t follow through. It’s crazy how a person who teaches to always follow through can sometimes not even practice what they preach. This is true for all gurus you see and hear. Trust me, when meeting them all, I find out what they say and what they do are two totally different things. Now, I’m not here to say they don’t work, they don’t grind, and they don’t hustle. No. What I’m here to say is, like a normal human would, your going to make mistakes. The difference between successful people and now …

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Hype Sells

Today, if you haven’t already heard Connor McGregor will be fighting Floyd money MayWeather. What’s this all about? Simply put, one man wants to push himself to the limit to prove he can dominate (McGregor) and another man who simply has to take the fight so he isn’t called a coward. I personally do believe that Floyd does believe he can take McGregor so it’s not just because he has to take the fight. The money is there. How much is enough? “Just a little bit more “Rockefeller”.For me, this fight is a lesson about business. Hype sells. Everyone wants to be there for that special moment to witness who will win. Even I want to. The only thing I’m contemplating is doing I follow the herd mentality. Everyone who watches it GOT SOLD! Hey, perhaps it’s a good thing to get sold sometimes but the reality is, hype sells. …

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