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Suffering From Tight Muscles And Back Pain? Here’s What I Did About It!

As an entrepreneur, my mind is set on being financially free and healthy. The issue I faced recently is back pain, muscle tightness, knee pain and misalignment. The powerhouse that I am, meh, I decided to work through it. It wasn’t until recent that I really thought to myself, hmm what would happen if I were in good health? Would my productivity go up? Would I be able to produce better content? The answer was yes. You guessed it! Yes. But wait… how? This may sound crazy strange to you but many of you entrepreneurs out there have back problems not only because you sit at a desk 10 hours a day but because you’re not breathing enough and correctly. Now I know millions of people will read this post but very few people will understand the seriousness of it, track it, try it out and actually benefit from what …

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What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

Control. Simply put. Control. To win means to be in control of your outcomes. Have a set goal in mind? Want to hit it? Be in control of your mind so that you can be happy along the way. The world has gone mad. No wait, the world is a better place. My belief is the world has changed. Better or worse, it all depends on what part you’re looking at. Technology? Yes, we have advanced and yes we have more freedom to bring our ideas to reality. Sacrifice? Time and personal freedoms. We have to now give more of our precious time to build online or worldly successes. Back in the 90s, we didn’t have that privilege. Because it wasn’t made available to us, we had more time to spend on ourselves and others. The world has disconnected more from personal touch in general. Depending on the definition of …

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How Wealthy Are You?

There are many forms of wealth. To start, I know many of you will start to think “oh God, here we go again, another guy telling me you don’t need money to be wealthy”. Let’s get shit straight. I love making money. I love having money. I want more money. But reality? It doesn’t make me happy. Instead, the win of making money and it allowing me to free up my time and “wants” is the reason why I trade massive amounts of time to collect more currency bills. The question of how wealthy are you is a question for your soul. The child in Africa who is suffering from finding clean water and praying that he sees another day is NOT wealthy. On the other side, that same child who has enough to eat, drink and time to run, play and fill his mind with happiness without outside interference …

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Be The Best Salesperson By Saving Your Client’s Time

Time is our new currency. In 2017 it’s inevitable that we all want to do things on our time. How many times have you sent a phone call the voicemail because you didn’t want to answer that call at the moment? Time. I think it’s a phenomenal thing. God put us on earth to follow our purpose and not be interrupted every 10 seconds. People want your time. Why? They fight for your time to fulfil a need. People are needy. They want to learn, they want to feel good, they want to buy from you… something. People need your time. So how do we win? My answer has been automation. I trade time every day for progress. My goal has always to build a big business. It wasn’t until recent that I realised that I want a big efficient business. Some people love spending time just talking to others …

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Train Your BRAIN And Take Action Quickly

The longer you take to complete a task, the weaker you trained your mind. To be successful in life you have to train your brain that it’s not ok to half ass things. Half-assing tasks are what leads to zero production. Master this mindset. The simplest thing to do such as going to grab a phone you left in your car needs to be done quick. Once the thought enters your mind, train your brain to accomplish that task. It’s sad to say, a lot of people don’t have enough tasks on their plate. To be successful, your going to have to learn to fill up that schedule. A few years back, I attended a bloggers conference. Everyone including their grandma said they were going to make it big with their blog. Many said they would start their own podcast. Out of the hundreds of people I met with, not …

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