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Control Your Mind With Your Out Of Body Spirit

This sounds crazy but it works. Have you ever had issues being lazy? How about getting things done that you know you have to but just can’t seem to get the motivation to do so? Well here is why. You are living in your conscious mind. The conscious mind loves to reason. It fights thoughts and questions doubt. The conscious mind will fight to keep you safe. What if it doesn’t work. What if you get injured. What if is what the conscious mind likes to preach. This is both a good and bad thing.

For entrepreneurs, it’s a bad thing and for safety it’s good. A big part of life is odds and probability. Want to win at something? Simply increase the odds and the chances of winning are higher. Yes, this requires work. People make me sick when they look for the easy way out thinking they will click a few buttons and make millions. Even if that existed, did you really want that life? Is there any fun in making it big doing shit all? Not for me, I love defeating challenges.

Moving on, you need to take your existence out of your mind and control your mind and body from your spirit. Do it. Try it right now if you are sitting in a safe place. Zoom out of your body and start looking at yourself from outside of your body. What I learned is, you have control over moving yourself to do things by simply doing what I’m sharing with you. Think about it. How simple is it to tell a child to go get you something? Simple right. You tell the kid and voila the kid goes and grabs it for you. What if your body was that kid. And the spirit told the mind to move the body? This would be simple to get you to act. Do it. Try it, it works.

What you will notice over time is that you slip in and out of being in that spirit to mind mode. Start identifying when you slip out of the body and into consciousness. When you do, it’s up to you to step back out and get the mind and body to act. Master, this strategy, and productivity will increase like you never imagined. This is where creativity meets up as well.

Tell me your thoughts on how this is working by commenting below.

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  1. Hey Paul,

    I’ve been a major follower of your work for a long time. This is not news to either of us. This article is the exact thing I’ve been looking for the past little while. However, what you’re suggesting is easier said than done for me. Do you have any exercises for a term I would call “mental fitness”? My biggest struggle daily is my mental health. Because of a checkered history of military combat experience, I struggle with touching the borders of my sanity on a daily basis. I have all the technical know how and skills and tools to be beyond great. I could be the best. However, at any given time my head is in a million places. Far far away from where I KNOW I need to be. What do you suggest that I utilize to teach a level of focus that exceeds that or the normal person? What I’m trying to say is, I need help in training my mind. Is there a series of exercises or techniques you use or can suggest that can teach me that level of focus and how would I go about chasing that down? Thank you for everything you’ve done for me thus far. Not only have you been a mentor to me but also a role model.

    • Hey Nathan brother man … Ya I do have advise.. My advise would be to get behind your why… this is what you need to study… Study why you want what you want. If your not excited to get up every day and die for what you want, your why you want what you thought you want is not what you truly want. It may not be to be rich. Shit you may want to just be with people and add value to peoples lives. Whatever it is, this is your should telling you your doing the wrong thing.Many times you find your why and “business” by being you… there are people making millions of dollars just sharing the fun times they have with their family. google “chases corner” many times Life throws us curve balls. I feel way to many peoples minds are all over the place because they aren’t educated enough on the meaning of life. Life is to live and love and love to live… once you start to connect with better people in your life and start doing this daily you being to become a different person…

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