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Do You Love Your Life At Home?

This is more of a workshop question article.When you think of going home does it make you happy?

1. Yes or No
2. If yes why? List all the reasons why you absolutely love going to your home.
3. Are there times where you hate going home? If so list why?
4. Do you always hate going home? If so please explain why?
5. Do you believe there are solutions to having a more happier home? After all, they do say home is where the heart is. Be honest.
6. What impact on your life would it mean to have an extremely happy home to come home to?
7. What personal changes can we make to ourselves in order to have a happier life at home?
8. What physical changes around the house, do we make in order to have a happier life?
9. What do you love about your home?
10. What do you hate about your home?
11. What events took place inside you property that every time you think of your home, subconsciously it eats you alive?
12. Who do you love inside your home?
13. Who do you hate or dislike inside your home?
14. What would the “perfect ideal home” look like to you?
15. Think deep as to why this “New home” would mean nothing but happiness to your new life in your new house.

Life is about controlling our emotions. Many people still cannot understand why they are unhappy. They get home only to do the same shit over and over again but somehow have no clue why they can’t find happiness. Think about this. Not only do you have to put up with all the shit you deal with at home, you still have to worry about
1. Paying the rent or mortgage.
2. Not losing the place and getting kicked out.

We have some work to do. If you have that much of your personal life inside the place you stay, no matter how big or small, you have to make it a bird cage of success. It has to be the place you go to
1. Rest
2. Think
3. Love
4. Create
5. Live
6. Eat
7. Breath
8. Respect
9. Have fun / entertain
10. EnjoyTake one day out of your life to focus on this article and start answering these questions.

You can change your life around with what you already have. I did and I want you to as well. Many are doing this every single day and seeing amazing results in all aspects of their life because of it. Make today count. Be a better you. Live and love and love to live !!

God bless my brothers and sisters! Talk soon.

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