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Don’t Waste Your Life Thinking “I Wish I Would Have”

Time keeps ticking. Every day the same thing happens over and over. The sun rises, you either go to work, work on your business or think of that next big idea. But what happens next? Here’s the answer. Look back to your last 5 years. How far ahead have you advanced? Are you moving towards “The next Microsoft” or perhaps “Uber”? Perhaps you want to be healthy and you are still telling yourself, “you’re going to do it”.

This is the motivation phase that many people are stuck in. Let’s discuss. You must have some idea or something better you want in life in order to make this post valid to you. Shit, I want a $1.5M house paid off cash. No mortgage. What I have to do is look back to my last 5 years and ask.Did I do the things I should have done in order to get me that result? For me, the answer is yes and no. I put my time and effort into building 4 different businesses. 2 of them are all on their way to making a substantial 6 figure income.

The others, well, need work. Not every idea works. I feel there is just so much more I could have done in order to place myself for that victory. 7 figure profits are my next level I speak of consistently. So how will I get it?Investments. I’m not the best at investing but over the years I have been studying where I can put my money so that it can bring more money back.

A topic I’m not qualified to teach on yet, however, I’m now at the level where I know I have to have that money working for me. Set yourself up for the next level and stop doing the same damn routine every single day. Nothing will change until you change what you do. Again look back at your last 5 years and don’t let the next 5 slip away from you!

Gear up. Go!

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