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Everyday learn more about yourself. The more you learn, the more you will know how to use your strengths.

Who are you? As a person, who are you in this world of life? What I have discovered is that the more I find out about myself, the more productive and effective I become. To some, this may sound obvious however my question to you is. Are you utilizing it to a max every day?

Here, let me explain. When are you most effective? Mornings? mid days ? nights?

Do you have troubles getting to bed at night? If so why? Whats going on behind the scenes. Did you wake up late? did you drink to much caffeine? Are you stressed? How often do you stress? what level do you take that stress to? How toxic is your mind, body spirit?

The list goes on. Its very good to question yourself daily and write down everything you know about yourself. Pick apart the things you like and dislike. Find hacks that can help you use your talents to propel you in the forward direction. Here let me show you.

So, when I was in college, I learned that I loved to be in the spotlight. I loved to have a voice that everyone listened to. I didn’t just want them to listen, I wanted them to rave! I wanted people to say “Who The Hell Is This Guy”

The more I knew that this is what I loved, the more I acted upon this. Sales, I got myself into selling because I knew I can connect with people, make great amounts of money and grow into becoming a businessman.

To date, I have my own podcast, blogs software company and now investment vehicles. Im thrilled with excitement. When that dies, so do I.

Life isn’t easy in this world, especially when you work from home and don’t get to speak to many new and exciting people. So, as such there are challenges. Challenges I learned about myself are things I love more then the rewards of accomplishing them. Strange as it is, its just a reality. Ill probably want to work on changing that in the future but for now I don’t feel as thou its too big a problem.

Its very important to pay attention to your human needs and go after fulfilling them. You wont always get to the end result your looking for in the way you want it to be however, learn to find a way that works for you no matter how long it takes. The reality is, we all have dreams and we all can accomplish them. Shit id rather die trying then die knowing I didn’t fight! 

Hey, It’s just not me 🙂

Comment below more about you and your journey into figuring out who you are. I would love to hear and mingle !

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