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Everyday You Have To Show To Succeed!

People wake up tired, miserable or not knowing where they are going. Ya, guess what, so do I. Everyone who’s on the grinding wheel headed to Planet success wakes up not every day on the top side. Look, you’re going to have to learn to show up to success every single damn day. What is showing up? GRIND ! hustle, moving forward.

There are 24 hours in a day and you have to grind 12 hours a day minimum or more to start working on your business, invention or plan.What is your plan? a plan is a target you are going after. your purpose. Your meaning. Your why. I know why I want what I want. I want a massive house paid off. 1.5- $2 Million house paid off cash. I hate debt. Can I afford that house today? well, that all depends on who you ask. Can I pay for it yes? In my mind, I cannot afford it because affording it to me is paying it off cash. I fucking hate debt. I hate it with a passion. Debt sucks. It sucks the living life out of you. Debt is the root of all evil. Debt says “I own you bitch”. Tomorrow if something happens in your life to the negative side, say a car accident and you’re not able to wake up and work a job or a business because it requires your physical presence, all of your assets can be taken away.

Time to shift your thinking to align with how I think. How others who are like-minded think. There is an easy way out and that easy way out is debt. Go get your debt and have some banker come take it away from you. I do believe in trust. Trusting in yourself. Trust that if you absolutely have to take out a mortgage that you will commit to getting it paid off in the fastest way possible. You will get it paid off so fast that the interest you pay on the house is kept to a minimal. What will that require? Sacrifice. Every dollar you spend eating out can be a chip away at the mortgage. Most of you don’t and won’t think of this.

You will rather enjoy the moment and take the big risk of trying to make it but only to find out, not always do we make it on the first few attempts. I’m not saying to not enjoy your life. Enjoy it. But make sure you sacrifice and only allow yourself the finer things in life when you know you made it. When you pay your shit off cash. Be smart with your money and wake up to show up to make up to fight for what you want.

I can’t do it for you. I can only help fuel you to get there.Develop habits of success. GO!


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