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Forget About The Chump Change!

I want the gold. So many people aim so freaking low in their lives to just scrape by. You can if you like but that ain’t me. Making more doesn’t mean taking more from others. Making more means providing sop much value to a lot of people that they absolutely want to give you a cut of their paycheck because what you have to offer absolutely helps them live a better life in one way or another.

Making money is not evil. It’s not bad. It’s fun and it’s a great way to live. If you are making a tonne of money screwing other people out, that’s a different story. I can’t stand the criminals in the stock market who manipulate prices to intentionally screw people out of their positions so that they can profit. This is called Market makers. Market maker manipulation. Anyone who has traded professional will know what I mean. I been there and done that. That’s no way to live life. You were created to do something I wasn’t. Your purpose is different than mine. I can’t help you create your dreams, but what I can do is help motivate you to build your plan and take action on what you were meant to do.

You have a purpose. You more than likely don’t know what it is but you have to dig to find. To find what it is is very simple. What do you love? dancing ? building homes? internet marketing? what is it you love? do not think how you will do it, just start by figuring out what you love.After finding out what you love to do, get started. Do it. Don’t focus on the money, the money will come, get working on building something within it. You may not get exactly what you want to do it to start, but the more you do it the better you will find the “exact purpose”.

For the longest period of time, I wanted to be a motivational speaker/life coach. My issue was I was thinking about all the small things like the images, the videos, the marketing and all that shit was slowing me down from creating the content. Guess what, that shit will come. I don’t know how, when or what but by the time you read this you will have already seen the success and movement that I and my team are doing with this business venture. Invest. Invest in you, get going and stop working for chump change.

Work for massive amounts of wealth. Lear to fight to create millions and you will start to see people paying you hundreds of thousands within time. How long? who gives a Fuck, that time will be dictated by life and your abilities. Keep stretching your limits and you will get there!

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