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How To Create A Better Version Of Yourself

The mind is a powerful piece of humanity. Lately, as I’m getting older, I’ve been thinking a lot to myself about peak performing the way I think. Tweaking if you will. I have to say, I’m shocked with the results. Growing up, I used to be very stubborn and easily irritable. I was very quick to act and very fast to think. I was the typical guy who wanted to make it huge in the world but didn’t know how.

What I learned over my last 36 years of being alive was that anyone in this new age can make it out of life successful. Successful is a powerful word. What is success? To each, success has a different term. Success to me ends when I feel completely fulfilled. With so many open projects and things not working that I started, I have to say “I’m not successful”. There is good news in that. Certain things in my life are mandatory to win at. Business. Health. Happiness. Family relationships. Partnerships. All these things are just a little of what defines success to me. Wealth is a big one. Define wealth? Having more than enough.

I don’t have a set dollar amount but making enough while having a happy way of living is what I deem successful. Now I know people like Tony Robbins will say you have to set a dollar amount in order to achieve it but honestly, that goes against what has worked for me. Here is the good news. Success does not have one path. You can create success a million different ways. The more you learn, the more you implement, the higher to odds of reaching your success. It’s a simple formula. I enjoy teaching it because along the way of educating others, I myself grow. This ties back to becoming a better you. Today, my wife and I talked about thriving and surviving. I mean, the reality is we are all going to die one day. Sucks but it’s the truth.

Don’t you want to die being the best you? If you won at so many things in life, you’re bound to have a solid rest. That’s my recent take. To become a better you, you’re going to have to give up some of the old ways of thinking. You have to start introducing a new way of manifesting thoughts into realities. What makes you happy? Did you know that there are millions out there in the world today that share those exact feelings? Now, more than ever, you can connect and move forward together with those same like minded individuals.

Recently, I learned a lot more about myself. I work very good with others, and terrible on my own. Define others? Well simply put, others with the same work ethic and forward thinking. Signing myself with people who actually act upon what they say they will do and partnering with these people has made me a better man. At the end, life has rewarded me so much greater because I have implemented this law into my life and my businesses. I’m not greedy. I love sharing the happiness with those who put equal effort into joining my circular pot of mental gold.

Learn more about who you are and what your talents are. Partner with like minded people and have plenty to offer. If you don’t have plenty to offer, get working on sharpening your skill sets. You have to get good at the stuff these days to keep up with the Joneses.Mad love and respect.

Reach out to me brothers and sisters and let me know what you’re working on and how it’s impacting your life. Where are you at? Frustrated ? Excited ? Concerned ?

Let’s connect. God bless!

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