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How To Face Your Obstacles

I get it, you want to live the life you dream of. Happy family, luxury cars and houses, travelling all the time, Dream business or job, and a healthy mind and body. Let’s be real, it does exist but not without challenges. Early on, I used to stress about all the things that were “outstanding” in my life. I had a long flight that was coming up, I had to buy tickets to an event, the business needed me and I wasn’t able to get my ass to the gym.

The family was upset that I wasn’t doing things the way they wanted and God knows what. Problems right. Yup, we all have problems. For the longest time, I didn’t know how to solve these problems the right way. What I used to do is just think of all the problems I had, build up these negative feelings towards life, stress the heck out and when it came time to tackle a problem, I was so burnt out that I didn’t resolve the issue I was facing the right way. Fast forward today.

The problems? They are still there. Maybe not all the same ones but new ones arise. They always do. I’d love to say that problems can be limited but when you’re working on big things with lots of people, issues tend to arise. Today, I solve them in a different way. How? One by one. I no longer allow myself to think about all the problems that are happening or upcoming.

I take them one by one. Planning ahead is different than worrying about future problems. Say you have an upcoming flight that leaves at 3 am. Worrying about the flight weeks before it will not solve anything. The day before, start to prepare how to cope or handle this problem. You have an upcoming hockey game and your skates no longer fit you. Get your ass to a sports store and fix the problem right then and there. This leads me to my second tip. Fix the problem fast. If it’s something you can resolve quickly, resolve it and move on. Don’t let small problems consume your time and mind power.

So many times, my wife would want something so small of me that I knew I had to do but I would delay it and each time throughout the day or week I thought of it, it would bring me pain and suffering. Why? Procrastination kills. Learn to solve small problems quickly so you can attack the next problem that “will” not “might” arise. Shit, I often say to myself, what would I do without problems. Life would actually be boring. The thought of not having to problem solve or never set higher goals actually scares me.

Yes. I love challenges and without them, life would be boring. And this leaves me to my last point. Learn to challenge yourself. When you start to challenge yourself, you start to grow. Growth is what all of us humans need in order to feel that much more fulfilled. You may be happy with where you are at today but I bet there is something that you can find in your life that if challenged, would turn your life into a more fun way of living.

When we challenge our minds and body to step outside of comfort we form strength. I love being in control of my mental and physical state. It wasn’t easy to shift my beliefs on life to accommodate for the way I felt in certain circumstances but because I trained myself how to win, I now live a better life. A life that’s more fulfilled because I control what I do when I do it and how I do it. This is my ideal goal for you. If you aren’t already there, you’re going to have to follow the steps I teach in order to get there.

1. Better your health
2. Strengthen your tolerance to challenges
3. Commit to making a plan
4. Decide to follow through
5. Don’t perfect the start, just get going
6. Monitor your progress
7. Adjust what’s needed to take yourself to the next level
8. Pray. Speak to God and ask him to help you get to where you want to be

I honestly have to say I now love my life every single day. There are certain times I get stressed out and want to give up on what it is I’m working on but since I decided to commit to following through, I never do. I don’t need to work tomorrow to live today. That didn’t come overnight but it did come with solid hard work and building a solid business with the right people that solve a lot of people’s problems and helps them out along the way. Win win. What’s your go to that your working on? Comment below and let us know.

Have a killer day! Stay connected.

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