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How To Find Friends When All You Think About Is Work!

The problem isn’t that you can’t find like-minded people, it’s just you give up searching way to quick.

Like anything good in life, it typically takes time. These days, people are selective in everything they do, see, touch, be and be around. Growing up, your friends at school were the people you hung around. As we aged, most of those friends went on their own way and we just don’t seem to talk anymore. I do have a few friends that I still talk to but the majority of them are gone. So what’s the big deal? Friends are important in life.

Friends are people who will have your back. Friends are people who truly care for your well-being. Having said that, ask yourself, are you being a good friend. Most people don’t have friends because they themselves make bad friends. I really don’t care if you read this and get upset or not because at the end of the day, ask yourself, do I have enough solid friends? Although I do want you to win, I also am selective on who my following is. If you talk to me regularly you will get to know that I do go out of my way for people. I do. I don’t spread myself thin, nor do I continue to let people drag me down. Those are not friends. Friends are people who are willing to work together to strengthen relationships to better one another’s quality of life. It may be a sit down for coffee. You both had an awesome time, and you move on with your day. It is a win-win. Regardless of what it is, you need to understand why making quality friends is important. So how do we find these friends? What does it take? How come I have very few if any of these so called friends? The simple answer is it requires work.

1. You need to be out there more.

The more you are out there, the higher the odds are of meeting that special someone. True friends, fall into your hands when you meet them for the very first time. You start to notice you both share similar beliefs on life. Starting the relationship is different than holding it. The quality of friends I like to meet are people who are active in life. People who are working on big things with big dreams and big goals. We all suffer from the battle of fear and depression but those who identify and fight through, are the ones I really enjoy hanging around. Best put, I love hanging around entrepreneur fighters. People who are on a quest to be the best.

2. Persistence.

Yup, this is where you will fall off. Sorry to say but it’s true. You don’t do it enough. You need to keep the drive alive and keep on moving. Setup meet ups. Talk to people on social media and connect in person. Do Skype Video calls. Join sports teams and keep at it. You can’t expect to find the perfect match overnight when your standards of the perfect friend are so high. This journey will feel uncomfortable at times. You will start to meet people who you feel are going to be awesome, only to find out their beliefs on things you 100% stand for is the opposite. Hey, I’m not saying don’t be their friend nor am I saying they aren’t a perfect friend. What I’m saying is, if you don’t have your perfect buddy, create them. Yup! It’s true. Create that person by attracting them into your life.

With today’s technology, it isn’t hard to find ways to make better friends. As I write this, my time is limited. The friends I have made over the years has allowed me to get myself from having absolutely nothing in life to enjoy my life to the fullest. Without them, I would not be where I’m at today. Friends, I love you. Bettering your life is easy. It’s not hard. We just choose to accept less. Think about it. How difficult would it be to join a soccer team and start saying hi to the players on your team? Not only would you possibly make a few friends, you also would be bettering your health. Your mind and so much more. Time to act. Mum and dad don’t take care of this mind and body anymore. I do!

If you want to be the best, it’s time to start acting like the best. You were meant to be the best and it’s time to drill that through your head! Stop just existing and start being a major part of what exists. Which are you? I’m the best and I want you to be as well. Love yourself no matter what and convince yourself to keep hustling forward!

Magical change is here, it’s now! Go.

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