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How Wealthy Are You?

There are many forms of wealth. To start, I know many of you will start to think “oh God, here we go again, another guy telling me you don’t need money to be wealthy”. Let’s get shit straight. I love making money. I love having money. I want more money. But reality?

It doesn’t make me happy. Instead, the win of making money and it allowing me to free up my time and “wants” is the reason why I trade massive amounts of time to collect more currency bills. The question of how wealthy are you is a question for your soul. The child in Africa who is suffering from finding clean water and praying that he sees another day is NOT wealthy. On the other side, that same child who has enough to eat, drink and time to run, play and fill his mind with happiness without outside interference is 1000000000% wealthy. That’s called wealth. What most of us take for granted on the western side of the world is we are all given the ability to be wealthy with an average life. MAKE NO MISTAKE, this is not me teaching you to settle. This is me confining that you already are wealthy. Your mind perceives wealth as happiness, comfort and knowing. Your mind wants to be sure that it will keep you alive tomorrow, stir you away from harm and fight to live another day.

Once you can identify that you already are wealthy, you get to choose if you want to challenge your mind, body and spirit to build financial wealth. If I can take one thing back in life before I reached many financial goals, I would have spent way more time studying how I was already wealthy, and learning how to manage my emotions throughout the growth cycle of attaining financial freedom. We don’t need a private jet to get to the island. We just need to get there. We choose to want to be like very few people and fly a different class. Those are all choices that you have sold yourself in on. Many people strike rich first and then realise that they can live this lifestyle. To sum it all up, make sure you save a few thousand dollars for a rainy day. Keep your debt to 0 or get it down to that. Find a way. I teach door to door sales with massive upside.

Live below your means until you have enough saved to live an average life. At that point, decide. How much time and effort will I put into taking my life to that next level? Go! Act fast times ticking on our lives.

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