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Hype Sells

Today, if you haven’t already heard Connor McGregor will be fighting Floyd money MayWeather. What’s this all about? Simply put, one man wants to push himself to the limit to prove he can dominate (McGregor) and another man who simply has to take the fight so he isn’t called a coward. I personally do believe that Floyd does believe he can take McGregor so it’s not just because he has to take the fight. The money is there. How much is enough? “Just a little bit more “Rockefeller”.For me, this fight is a lesson about business. Hype sells.

Everyone wants to be there for that special moment to witness who will win. Even I want to. The only thing I’m contemplating is doing I follow the herd mentality. Everyone who watches it GOT SOLD! Hey, perhaps it’s a good thing to get sold sometimes but the reality is, hype sells. So how can you take this to your business? You have to have something worth waiting or watching. People want to be a part of experiences these days. For a real long time, I have been into the security industry. In the security industry, people want to purchase security systems so that they never have a bad experience and they continue to live with the experience of not being broken into. So why do we exchange money for goods and services? To gain something. Recently, the media has found out that people will exchange a lot of their time and money for “different” experiences.

What’s different? Well, different is something outside of what we are used to. Think about it. We are used to waking up, getting in our car, going to work, meeting with friends and now coming home to a family and getting to bed. All for what? To make money so you can take the family out, feed them and one day, retire and say “I did it”.

Well, that life isn’t me. I always wanted to be different. I always wanted to share my experiences with others. Hence why I have so many blogs, videos and businesses. I can’t just follow the herd. I’m different. At a young age, I saw the wealthy and I noticed something strange about them. They were different. They did and acted in different ways. They took more risks. They seemed to smile more, complain less and have more to give.

Now I know that’s not the case for everyone, however, that’s what I told myself I would be when I finally made it. Thankfully today, I now love that life and growing. So what’s all the hype? Be different. Find ways you can be different by trying different things. Shit, throw videos up on YouTube and be consistent with it. Go door to door and talk to people about what it is you sell and where your business is located. Buy Wirecast and stream your business live clear across the internet on all platforms at the same time. The reality is growing your business is easier than you think. You’re just not doing what the others who have made it have and you need to find that way. Everyone’s business and personalities are different. Be you. Be the bet you, you can be. Don’t be fake. Don’t try to change shit up just to copy someone else because the reality is it just won’t work. Fight it, I challenge you to.

Why is there only 1 McDonald’s, 1 Starbucks, 1 Apple, Google and more? Why? Because they are all unique in their own way. What’s holding you back is your trying to be them and it’s why you’re not getting the results they are. Stop thinking and start acting. The right thing comes when you start acting than reacting to what’s happening in your business! Get that and everything will fall into place.

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