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Importance Of Waking Up Early While Getting Plenty Of Quality Sleep

What time is it right now? are you reading this in the morning, night or perhaps mid-day? Regardless of what time it is, its time to change. Getting proper sleep doesn’t just come on its own. As we age, it comes with a plan. Today, my goal is to sell you in on why getting plenty of clean healthy sleep is important, and what you can do to get your ass in gear and make it happen.First, let’s talk about the negative sides of getting a little sleep.

Google it for yourself. As you may already know, with things like this, I’m not the most detailed person however what I can say is “It’s terrible for you”. From the lack of sex drive to proper brain functionality it straight up bad. As successful people, it is very important to see our energy levels naturally high. Naturally. Yes, read that over and over. I get it, you will need to have that cup of coffee every now and then before your next presentation or to randomly stay up late to get something done. However, what’s important to note, as a realist, you have to discipline your mind to shut off at the right times so that your body can repair itself.A study was recently done on the human brain which was very interesting to me. To sum it all up, our brains repair and flush toxins out when we sleep.

The mind repairs itself during or sleep. When we are awake, yes even in a relaxing state, we still do not get this flush and repair. Ever wake up drowsy or tired? lol, I’m sure you have because we all have. But know the feeling I’m talking about where you just feel like it’s cold in your brain or hollow? This is a deep sign that your mind is overdue for a repair. Shit, you need to take that seriously and know that without our minds, were just walking zombies. Take a look around. How many people have you talked to or seen that you kinda say “what the hell were you thinking”. There response, I honestly don’t even know. The next time that happens, asks them how much sleep they get.

You will be shocked to discover that the majority of people are walking sleep deprived. So how does this relate to you? simply put, your here for a reason. I personally believe GOD connected us. I may give you another angle that gets you to start to get your add in bed and follow what I’m about to say.Your cell phone. Yup, I said it. I know I know, I’m equally as guilty of this. I do it often. Research shows that the electronics devices we let radiation our vision, stimulated certain things (again don’t care what it is) inside our minds and keeps us up. The importance of sleep needs to be so real to you that you start to prepare for bed 2 hours before going to it. Your bedroom is a place of sleep. Tuck your phone away 2 hours early and start to practice meditation. This is not easy. It requires a lifestyle change however if and when done, will correct your sleeping patterns forever.

Let me ask you a few questions. Google the answers and write them down.

1. How long can you go without food?
2. How Long can you go without water?
3. How long can you go without oxygen?
4. How long can you go without sleep?

And lastly, how long have you gone without SEX. lol just kidding on that one. hahaha, yes I will inject humour from time to time.Ok back to the point… What you will find are the two things we need the most, Oxygen and Sleep are the two things we are getting the least of. Why? are we terrible people? are we just plain out stupid? NO! the world around us sucks us into it and we by default the stresses of life shift us away from the main 2 key elements. So, homework.

This is NOT just a random article you read and will say “Cool” see you later article. This can change your life and it is all up to you. Make this article spark curiosity for you to do more research on getting those 2 elements into your life. Like a healthy relationship, spend more time with them, they are screaming for your attention.

Until the next article, get well and don’t forget to opt-in on this page to stay connected with me and get more insight into personal development. Be blessed.

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  1. I agree. Sleep is needed.

    But when your alarm rings, dont push the snooze button… I have pressed it many times but always I have woke up even sleepier. Just get up when your alarm rings.

    And also make a morning routine for yourself. My routine contains walk with my dog, then coffee (it tastes so great after morning walk) and a very good book that teaches you and I also read some blog posts. But not until Im ready to go to work I read my facebook and other messages.

    • Hey Niko your right! i would have to agree. Love the routine thing, for me I notice when im sick of my routine I love to change it up a bit so long as it make me more productive.

      Thanks for commenting ma man !

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