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Learn To Recharge Your Brain And Energy

This post comes to you from a current state I’m in. Exhausted. My back is up against the wall and I’m going to 6 hours or less sleep in 2 days. I have a tonne of work and people who need me. What do I do? Simple. Push through. But how? See right now I. Read to maximise my energy but I also need to conserve it. Do you ever have this problem? If not, it may be a sign that your not busy enough and you need to start creating and building g your calling. So what do you do?

First, I identify that on top of all this, I have a cold. So my body is weaker than it typically is. What’s important is I stay focused on the goal which is to get through the day in the best way possible so that when night time comes I can sleep in peace. Look! I don’t fucking call in sick! Although I own my business and I have every opportunity to hit the bed and sleep, I choose not to. I’m a leader. I’m going to train not teach but train you how to strengthen your mind so that you To can push through when days like this occur. So let’s dive in. What’s your next task?

Think about this. For me, it’s a conference call with a massive company that needs my attention. So with 10 min left, I quickly close my eyes, take deep breaths and rejuvenate my mind to last for 1 hour. After that, I will look at the next task at hand which is calling the next most important person and getting what they need from me done and out the door. I will be challenged with a software demonstration that will last over 2 hours with an executive team later on which I will somehow find a way to build my stamina back up and absolutely deliver!

Life ain’t easy every day and that just the half of it. I’m here to tell you, hiring a team that can help you with these tasks will really help you on days like this. The only way you can afford to hire a team is if you generate new business. You see why it’s important to hustle and grind from the start? It’s quarter 2 of the day and it’s important for not 1 second I think negative thoughts. This is what will decrease the mental stamina. What’s important to note is not all days are like this. These days are rare. But when they happen, use it to strengthen your mind. Trust me, in the long run, this will really help sharpen your ability to push through on regular days!

Btw, I so totally had to write this to prove to myself I really care about readers getting the real scoop inside my mind intro day. Ok, times up got my call. Talk later.

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