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Life is up to you: Read this now

On paper, the title of this post sounds touché. If life were up to me, why would I get what I want? Oh, let’s open this topic now, I’m pumped. The saying isn’t you get what you want in life because you think it. The saying goes “life is up to you”. What do you want from life? What do you want to become? What do you want to master? Podcasting? Next YouTube Star? Play a professional sport? Be the smartest in your class? What is it you want? Lots of people don’t even use enough brain power to figure out what they want from life. Do not mistake what you want from life with what you want to create in life. Here’s the explanation. My life. It’s pretty simple. I want to be very healthy, be toned and fit. I also want to have a really big house, 5000 square feet or bigger paid off.

I don’t want a mortgage. I want to have a few very nice cars. A Lamborghini perhaps and an SUV all paid off cash. I also want my immediate family to have the same, yes because that’s what they want as well. So how do I get it? Why would I work to even get it? Simply put. Obsession. I want that life so bad because something inside of me screams out that having those things will mean and equal freedom. I also want the ability to be free. If I want to take a flight to Las Vegas and relax for a weekend, I want the ability to do so. Why let life limit your abilities. It just doesn’t make sense to me. The feeling of not being able to do, have or live how I want, so long as it’s not hurting other people, kills me. How about you? Lots of other motivational speakers in my space say get very clear on what it is you want. Personally, I agree. I have sold myself on on what I want every day of my life that it’s clear as day. So what’s next?

I have to do things that will get me what I want from life. That just so happens to be work. Working for other people doesn’t currently align with my goals. Working with other people has. With vs for. Let’s discuss. Recently, I looked back to the businesses that gave me the biggest rewards. 100% of those are the ones where I went into business with someone else who is more talented than me in a different area of work. Take FillQuick. My software engineer knows everything related to software. He has big plans. He’s an amazing developer. How does a guy with little to no income get a top level developer to do business with a startup? Simple. Talent. You have to have something so special to offer that others want to do business with you in return that they get something big out of it. But Paul, what if I’m not talented enough, still learning, don’t have much to offer? Well, since life really is simple, here’s the honest answer. Learn! Learn. Busy your as off to acquire talents and specialities under your belt so that others will be drawn to trusting their biggest commodity “time” with you. Don’t be pissed off it they don’t want to partner with you. Take that as a motive to prove them wrong or learn what that is telling you. Is everyone rejecting you? Might be a sign that your not as valuable to people in that space as you bought. Make yourself valuable. Don’t get stupid on me reading this thinking I’m putting you down or calling you invaluable. That’s not what I mean. I care about your success. The reality is we all have worth to others in our lives. Be a rock star. Be a stud. Be the person who gets shit done and gets it done right. Don’t walk through life just existing and expecting to catch your break! You want to win! Hustle your time to be the best at something in life. Own the moment and go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work? You did trying ? You don’t put food on your families table? Ya not all of those are good things I get it but to win, you are going to have to step outside what your used to and go for the gold. Set a fuck ton of time aside to invest in strengthening your presence on planet earth. Get your ass up and make shit happen. I believe In you and I believe that with every push forward inside your mind comes an installed file inside your brain that you can later convert into cash or an experience. Win win ! Get surrounded around like minded people! Go!

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