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Predict The Future Actions Of People, Yes Even Your Kids.

I typically know what people will do before they do it. Having this in my arsenal really helps me decide on what I will say or do. Most people are predictable. Think about this. A random girl, you go up to her, you reach over to give her a kiss on the lips, what will she do?

Most people will say “Slap you” other will say call her boyfriend over to kick your ass. Others will say, nothing, she will enjoy it because I’m a handsome man. Here’s what I say. Shit, she can do any of the above and perhaps other shit that’s bad or good that I just don’t know yet. Well, how do I find out the different things she might do? Research. Find out what people will do in different scenarios by observing how people react to certain situations. By nature, I’m an observer. I’m intrigued by knowing why people do what they do. What I have learned over the many years of observing people’s behaviours in different situations is, it’s never a perfect science. Not everyone reacts the same to certain situations. There are many factors that come into play when identifying what the outcome will be. Over time, you will start to learn that people with certain personality types typically react to situations in a similar manner.

The first step is to identify the person’s personality type. Who are we dealing with? Is this an introvert, extrovert, jocks, nerd, newbie, shy person, loud person, social butterfly, a person with a mental illness, evil person, sad person, happy person, shit perhaps even psycho person. Oh, let’s not forget the “weird” person. What’s weird. Well, we all are. Yes, even I’m weird. What? Seriously ? Yes. We are lol weird in our own ways to different people. So what is weird?

Typically being weird in a person’s eyes is “different” we tend to say that person is weird because they aren’t like the “majority” or like “yourself”. Think about this. We all do things for a reason right? Yup, we do things because it typically aligns with our beliefs. Beliefs are things we feel to be right. Be it in the moment or down the road. We all do things to gain a certain something. That something varies from incident to incident. My friend Tony Robbins says people do things to gain pleasure and stir away from pain. I so totally agree.

You will continue to hear me talk about understanding human behaviour and how to win friends and business relationships throughout my teachings. The time is now to invest I. Yourself. To invest in your future. No matter your age, circumstance, financial status or location. We all have the right to win in life. If you’re going to want to win in the game of life, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with people and get them to do what you want, because they want to do it. That’s the tricky part. Stay tuned and subscribe. More to come! Rock life on and make today the best darn day in your mind you ever had! I believe in you and I believe in your future! Get moving.

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