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Sit And Wait For Greatness To Come To You Or Get Out And Go Make It Happen

By now, YouTube is flooded with entrepreneurs trying to pump your ass to get up and do something with your life. The fuel is there. Cars need fuel to run and so do humans. Every corner there is a gas station. When you run out of gas you fill that car up. Well, this is how I look at life as an entrepreneur these days. The fuel to drive you to success is there. Here are a few ways.

1. YouTube
2. Podcasts
3. Blogs
4. Private mentorships
5. Local meet ups
6. Books
7. Audio books
8. Friends

Which do you use daily? You only have so much gas in your tank. Shit, you think I wake up happy every day? Hell no. My goal is to hit seven figures in profits and I’m stuck in the mid six. That feeling of not being where I want to be is what gets me to keep on creating. What tickets do you have in your arsenal that you are working on to get you to your greatness? Most haven’t even started. Others are so shy with their businesses they keep it silent and half ass shit.

Stop thinking about what others will think and be you. Put content out there and it will attract like minded people. Develop yourself in the field you’re working on. Get yourself better. Recently, I thought to myself. Why is it that professional fighters still train. I mean think about it. They are the best of the best. Do they learn and develop themselves? Yup, they sure do. It’s no different with your business. Develop yourself inside your business and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Be smart about the risks you take and you should be fine. Always have a plan. Get up and make shit happen today. I believe in you.

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