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Strengthen Your Mind

You can’t expect your mind to be strong when all the fuck you put in it is negativity. Really. You think how much you hate your life, the people around you and your job. On top of all that you hate your physic and can’t stand your financial status. Well, how on earth do you expect to get that mind thinking like the wealthy. Look I’m no bullshit kind of guy. My strength is my grind. My strength is not saying shit to sound good so that others can say that sounds cool.

I speak from the heart. I get angry at myself when I screw up. I shake my mind up by reminding myself no matter what the circumstance is, I am a fucking winner. Shit, I’m down $45,000+ I. The stock market and somehow u tell myself I’m the best fucking trader there is! Most people when they hear this they say “holy fuck Paul” that sucks. In my head, I say “hey, at least I tried and at least I worked on strengthening my mind throughout the process”. The stock market is controlled by super computers. I’m a grinder. My mind is set on making $ Millions. The issue is the market needs patience. I enjoy trading. I’m down to the last $10k of losses and the heart stops. The bleeding stops for now. Most would have quit way to early. Strengthen your mind. Did you know that 95% of people will fucking give up after just 2 weeks of starting something new? Hell, no brothers and sisters! That can’t be happening if you want to be a winner! The winner knows why they start something, they get going then decide to fight! Define fight! Ha !

Giving your all. If you’re all is working on the side with it, you’re going to more than likely loose. I always say to myself, MMA fighters are lucky that my calling is not that of a physical fight. If it were, I would be at the top. I hate fighting. My DNA doesn’t support it! Know what you’re good at. Fail. Screw up! In that screw up the way you will win is by teaching your brain that t isn’t ok to quit! Never ! Learn !  Put a meaning to everything you do! Pick your ass up and let’s get going !!! Today is the day you continue in world domination. Your world !!


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