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Stay On Top And Don’t Let Yourself Fall Down

Often times I see people feel great, on top of the world and then? They fall. Ever feel this way? You’re super excited to grow your business, get in shape, you get started and then the world seems to put you in your place. You start to look at the world from different goggles. The reality in that moment says “shit, that was lol a dream” no one listens to me, no one buys from me and all that starts to manifest. You see, now, being as successful as I personally am, I realized the biggest life challenge for people is fighting the thoughts that enter their minds. You will get broken down daily no matter who you are or what you’re working on. I get it, you care so much about making it to the top that you start to slip and you feel as if the world is …

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Make Every Day Count And Here’s Exactly How!

Think back to something you wanted so bad in life. Was it a partner? Was it an animal? Was it a toy? What was it? What did you want so bad in your life that you absolutely had to have? You see, I’m a strong believer in the thinking that e past leaves clues for future events. Let me explain. Without even knowing, the world around you keeps turning. It keeps moving. People continue to wake up, go to sleep, some choose to invent and others choose to do bad things. Regardless of what you do, the world keeps turning. A while back, I had a dream about what my life would look like in 10 years. I saw something, everyone wanted. Healthy body, beautiful wife, amazing kids, loving relationships and finances in place. Everything anyone can ask for. Most of us, at some point in our life, will have …

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Be The Best Salesperson By Saving Your Client’s Time

Time is our new currency. In 2017 it’s inevitable that we all want to do things on our time. How many times have you sent a phone call the voicemail because you didn’t want to answer that call at the moment? Time. I think it’s a phenomenal thing. God put us on earth to follow our purpose and not be interrupted every 10 seconds. People want your time. Why? They fight for your time to fulfil a need. People are needy. They want to learn, they want to feel good, they want to buy from you… something. People need your time. So how do we win? My answer has been automation. I trade time every day for progress. My goal has always to build a big business. It wasn’t until recent that I realised that I want a big efficient business. Some people love spending time just talking to others …

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