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Do You Love Your Life At Home?

This is more of a workshop question article.When you think of going home does it make you happy? 1. Yes or No 2. If yes why? List all the reasons why you absolutely love going to your home. 3. Are there times where you hate going home? If so list why? 4. Do you always hate going home? If so please explain why? 5. Do you believe there are solutions to having a more happier home? After all, they do say home is where the heart is. Be honest. 6. What impact on your life would it mean to have an extremely happy home to come home to? 7. What personal changes can we make to ourselves in order to have a happier life at home? 8. What physical changes around the house, do we make in order to have a happier life? 9. What do you love about your …

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Learn To Recharge Your Brain And Energy

This post comes to you from a current state I’m in. Exhausted. My back is up against the wall and I’m going to 6 hours or less sleep in 2 days. I have a tonne of work and people who need me. What do I do? Simple. Push through. But how? See right now I. Read to maximise my energy but I also need to conserve it. Do you ever have this problem? If not, it may be a sign that your not busy enough and you need to start creating and building g your calling. So what do you do? First, I identify that on top of all this, I have a cold. So my body is weaker than it typically is. What’s important is I stay focused on the goal which is to get through the day in the best way possible so that when night time comes …

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Writing What’s On My Mind Is My Therapy And It Might Be Yours Too!

Write at night and your future will be bright. God! This thought entered my head one night out of nowhere. It was a powerful message that hit me and said “Paul, you have to do this and it will unlock so much” so what did I do? Put it aside. Yup, like lots of other things, I didn’t follow through. It’s crazy how a person who teaches to always follow through can sometimes not even practice what they preach. This is true for all gurus you see and hear. Trust me, when meeting them all, I find out what they say and what they do are two totally different things. Now, I’m not here to say they don’t work, they don’t grind, and they don’t hustle. No. What I’m here to say is, like a normal human would, your going to make mistakes. The difference between successful people and now …

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What Does It Mean To Be Successful?

Control. Simply put. Control. To win means to be in control of your outcomes. Have a set goal in mind? Want to hit it? Be in control of your mind so that you can be happy along the way. The world has gone mad. No wait, the world is a better place. My belief is the world has changed. Better or worse, it all depends on what part you’re looking at. Technology? Yes, we have advanced and yes we have more freedom to bring our ideas to reality. Sacrifice? Time and personal freedoms. We have to now give more of our precious time to build online or worldly successes. Back in the 90s, we didn’t have that privilege. Because it wasn’t made available to us, we had more time to spend on ourselves and others. The world has disconnected more from personal touch in general. Depending on the definition of …

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