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Do You Love Your Life At Home?

This is more of a workshop question article.When you think of going home does it make you happy? 1. Yes or No 2. If yes why? List all the reasons why you absolutely love going to your home. 3. Are there times where you hate going home? If so list why? 4. Do you always hate going home? If so please explain why? 5. Do you believe there are solutions to having a more happier home? After all, they do say home is where the heart is. Be honest. 6. What impact on your life would it mean to have an extremely happy home to come home to? 7. What personal changes can we make to ourselves in order to have a happier life at home? 8. What physical changes around the house, do we make in order to have a happier life? 9. What do you love about your …

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