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Hype Sells

Today, if you haven’t already heard Connor McGregor will be fighting Floyd money MayWeather. What’s this all about? Simply put, one man wants to push himself to the limit to prove he can dominate (McGregor) and another man who simply has to take the fight so he isn’t called a coward. I personally do believe that Floyd does believe he can take McGregor so it’s not just because he has to take the fight. The money is there. How much is enough? “Just a little bit more “Rockefeller”.For me, this fight is a lesson about business. Hype sells. Everyone wants to be there for that special moment to witness who will win. Even I want to. The only thing I’m contemplating is doing I follow the herd mentality. Everyone who watches it GOT SOLD! Hey, perhaps it’s a good thing to get sold sometimes but the reality is, hype sells. …

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