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Stay On Top And Don’t Let Yourself Fall Down

Often times I see people feel great, on top of the world and then? They fall. Ever feel this way? You’re super excited to grow your business, get in shape, you get started and then the world seems to put you in your place. You start to look at the world from different goggles. The reality in that moment says “shit, that was lol a dream” no one listens to me, no one buys from me and all that starts to manifest. You see, now, being as successful as I personally am, I realized the biggest life challenge for people is fighting the thoughts that enter their minds. You will get broken down daily no matter who you are or what you’re working on. I get it, you care so much about making it to the top that you start to slip and you feel as if the world is …

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Train Your BRAIN And Take Action Quickly

The longer you take to complete a task, the weaker you trained your mind. To be successful in life you have to train your brain that it’s not ok to half ass things. Half-assing tasks are what leads to zero production. Master this mindset. The simplest thing to do such as going to grab a phone you left in your car needs to be done quick. Once the thought enters your mind, train your brain to accomplish that task. It’s sad to say, a lot of people don’t have enough tasks on their plate. To be successful, your going to have to learn to fill up that schedule. A few years back, I attended a bloggers conference. Everyone including their grandma said they were going to make it big with their blog. Many said they would start their own podcast. Out of the hundreds of people I met with, not …

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