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Energy Is Something You Create!

As you all know, I tend to be classified as a highly energetic person. People always say, what are you on? The reality is nothing more than mental self-talk. My energy comes from choice.Not every morning do I wake up refreshed and energized. Many mornings I go on very little sleep with plenty of negativity on my mind. What I’m good at is believing that somehow and in some way, things are going to get better. The reason I am confident about this is that I have committed to never quit and never give up. If you don’t already know, my goal is to hit seven figures in profits. Waking up every day only to get the same six figure results eats me alive. Goals are something I take very seriously. One thing I learned in life is if you don’t have the results you want, you need to work …

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Control Your Mind With Your Out Of Body Spirit

This sounds crazy but it works. Have you ever had issues being lazy? How about getting things done that you know you have to but just can’t seem to get the motivation to do so? Well here is why. You are living in your conscious mind. The conscious mind loves to reason. It fights thoughts and questions doubt. The conscious mind will fight to keep you safe. What if it doesn’t work. What if you get injured. What if is what the conscious mind likes to preach. This is both a good and bad thing. For entrepreneurs, it’s a bad thing and for safety it’s good. A big part of life is odds and probability. Want to win at something? Simply increase the odds and the chances of winning are higher. Yes, this requires work. People make me sick when they look for the easy way out thinking they will …

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How To Create A Better Version Of Yourself

The mind is a powerful piece of humanity. Lately, as I’m getting older, I’ve been thinking a lot to myself about peak performing the way I think. Tweaking if you will. I have to say, I’m shocked with the results. Growing up, I used to be very stubborn and easily irritable. I was very quick to act and very fast to think. I was the typical guy who wanted to make it huge in the world but didn’t know how. What I learned over my last 36 years of being alive was that anyone in this new age can make it out of life successful. Successful is a powerful word. What is success? To each, success has a different term. Success to me ends when I feel completely fulfilled. With so many open projects and things not working that I started, I have to say “I’m not successful”. There is …

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Sit And Wait For Greatness To Come To You Or Get Out And Go Make It Happen

By now, YouTube is flooded with entrepreneurs trying to pump your ass to get up and do something with your life. The fuel is there. Cars need fuel to run and so do humans. Every corner there is a gas station. When you run out of gas you fill that car up. Well, this is how I look at life as an entrepreneur these days. The fuel to drive you to success is there. Here are a few ways. 1. YouTube 2. Podcasts 3. Blogs 4. Private mentorships 5. Local meet ups 6. Books 7. Audio books 8. Friends Which do you use daily? You only have so much gas in your tank. Shit, you think I wake up happy every day? Hell no. My goal is to hit seven figures in profits and I’m stuck in the mid six. That feeling of not being where I want to be …

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Don’t Waste Your Life Thinking “I Wish I Would Have”

Time keeps ticking. Every day the same thing happens over and over. The sun rises, you either go to work, work on your business or think of that next big idea. But what happens next? Here’s the answer. Look back to your last 5 years. How far ahead have you advanced? Are you moving towards “The next Microsoft” or perhaps “Uber”? Perhaps you want to be healthy and you are still telling yourself, “you’re going to do it”. This is the motivation phase that many people are stuck in. Let’s discuss. You must have some idea or something better you want in life in order to make this post valid to you. Shit, I want a $1.5M house paid off cash. No mortgage. What I have to do is look back to my last 5 years and ask.Did I do the things I should have done in order to get …

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