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Writing What’s On My Mind Is My Therapy And It Might Be Yours Too!

Write at night and your future will be bright. God! This thought entered my head one night out of nowhere. It was a powerful message that hit me and said “Paul, you have to do this and it will unlock so much” so what did I do? Put it aside. Yup, like lots of other things, I didn’t follow through. It’s crazy how a person who teaches to always follow through can sometimes not even practice what they preach. This is true for all gurus you see and hear. Trust me, when meeting them all, I find out what they say and what they do are two totally different things. Now, I’m not here to say they don’t work, they don’t grind, and they don’t hustle. No. What I’m here to say is, like a normal human would, your going to make mistakes. The difference between successful people and now …

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