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Writing What’s On My Mind Is My Therapy And It Might Be Yours Too!

Write at night and your future will be bright. God! This thought entered my head one night out of nowhere. It was a powerful message that hit me and said “Paul, you have to do this and it will unlock so much” so what did I do? Put it aside. Yup, like lots of other things, I didn’t follow through. It’s crazy how a person who teaches to always follow through can sometimes not even practice what they preach. This is true for all gurus you see and hear. Trust me, when meeting them all, I find out what they say and what they do are two totally different things.

Now, I’m not here to say they don’t work, they don’t grind, and they don’t hustle. No. What I’m here to say is, like a normal human would, your going to make mistakes. The difference between successful people and now is that the ones who identify their flaws and fix them are the ones that end up with the gold. Look, you don’t have to be perfect to get started. You just need to start. Once you start, over time you will develop strategies and alignments that will start to make sense. Have a vision. An ultimate light at the end of the tunnel and start to work on lighting the path one step at a time. Trust me, the more you do this the better things get. You may or may not be the smartest person on earth.

What I do know is you have the ability to create. You have the ability to be positive. You have the ability to give back to the world. You have the opportunity to be loving, caring, compassionate and all of these amazing things in life. The sad part is not everyone chooses to. Life’s a choice. We all develop habits both good and bad but the ones who monitor their behaviour and start to work on themselves every day are the ones who end up happy. I don’t care about money these days. What if cars about are love. I care about winning. I care about teaching. I care about creating. Inventing. Why? Because I found the keys to my life. How? From fighting it every day. My ticket is now to write at night and as I said before, my future will be bright. What’s yours? What is it that you are supposed to do.

Open your mind to accepting the vibrational waves that dictate what you should do or create. Stop blocking it with all the shitty ass radiation from your cell phones, computers and so much more. Go be one with nature and find your true purpose. Hurry because the world needs you. I need you. We all need each other and we’re here just one time to make a change. That change is now. Inspire someone to make a change. After you have decided to make that change for yourself.

Get going !!! Live and love.

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